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Jordyn and  Spencer had a small, and intimate wedding at Willistead, Windsor Ontario. We eneded up with a gorgeous sunset amongst the scene. If you love a good fairytale, Willistead is the right venue for you.

Jackie and Chris had a lovely wedding reception at The Windsor Club. The Windsor Club is rich in history and the birthplace of a delicious Canadaian whiskey called Wisers.The venue itself id full of unique landscape and rich history. 

Your love story is beautiful, significant and unique. Communicating that through imagery is most important. 

Photography has given me the gift of storytelling. My style embraces cinematic, adventurous, emotional and creative elements.

Just a girl, addicted to a good love story.
Behind the camera


How long have you been shooting weddings?
what is the most unique tradition you've seen so far?
A greek dance where the father of the bride and the groom dance while doing sips of Ouzo. All the guests where circled around them throwing money on them as they danced and sipped. 
The action that surrounds the bride and groom. I love the excitement and high emotion that weddings tend to bring. There are so many little stories within a wedding day, so finding them and capturing all the little details is what I love most. Oh, and I love a good dance floor. The worm, the robot, breakdancing, give it all you got. 
2023 will be my fourth year in Wedding Photography. I wanted to break into the wedding scene as soon as I started with photography. I was lucky enough to get a chance to assist a few talented wedding photographers and learn what I needed to and more.  
My style is a mixture of documentary and editorial. I love capturing the genuine emotions in the day, the ambiance of a room and all the little details to put the story together. I also love capturing dramatic images that are posed with a bit of elegance and/or a creative concept. When the light is right, the magic happens! 
2023 will be my fourth year into Wedding Photography. I knew right when I started my photography journey I wanted to be doing weddings. A local photographer had me assist on a few weddings as I applied for a job within the industry and ever since that moment, I was hooked. 
What do you love most about weddings?
I do travel and would love to hear about your mountain elopement and/or overseas adventure. I'm in!
what is your shooting style?
Do you travel?
My home base is in Windsor. I travel from Windsor-Toronto frequently for weddings in the city. I also shoot weddings & elopements all over Ontario. 

WHere are you located?

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